Our vivariums are fabricated from 6mm thick black or beige embossed polypropylene, this means we can provide you with a hygienic and healthy habitat for your animals.

Polypropylene is resistant to almost all chemicals – it can be cleaned using all anti-bacterial cleaning and reptile products, bleach etc and can be thoroughly cleaned to ensure no residue is left inside. No cleaning product can soak into the material.

Our vivariums are hygienic – as all chemical residue can be removed and any animal faeces/fluids etc easily cleaned and removed. It cannot be affected by mildew or mould maintaining a healthy environment for your reptiles. The internal surface is smooth so that nothing can remain and linger. As all the joints are fully welded no waste can seep into the joints which creates unpleasant odours.

See the following sections for more information on our range of vivariums:

  • Arboreal Vivariums
  • Terrestrial Vivariums
  • Bespoke Vivariums
  • MegaVivs